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Riverside Flight A Champion – Charlie Simperman
Riverside Flight B Champion – Bradley Baltazar
Riverside Flight C – Liam Hardman
Riverside Flight D – Logenn Storer
Lilac Flight A Champion – Kyle Groves
Lilac Flight B Champion – Alejandro Moser-Hernandez
Lilac Flight C – Colt Jance
Lilac Flight D – Aspen Hoover
Youth/Adult Doubles Flight A Champions – Matthew Lennox & Tommie McNeal
Youth/Adult Doubles Flight B – Champions Matthew Berg & Nicholas Berg
Youth/Adult Doubles Flight C Champions – Liam Hardman & Bill Hardman
Adult/Youth Doubles Flight D Champions – Juliauna Gosney-Tuiloma & Danny Gosney
StrikerZ Flight A Champion – Bud Sicard
StrikerZ Flight B Champion – Liam Hardman
StrikerZ Flight C Champion – Duke Knudsen
StrikerZ Flight D Champion – Anna Gatlin
Riverside 2 Flight A Champion – Brian DeLuisa-Anderson
Riverside 2 Flight B Champion – Charlie Simperman
Riverside 2 Flight C Champion – Steven Hall
Riverside 2 Flight D Champion – Michael Jones V
Evergreen Flight A Champion – Duke Knudsen
Evergreen Flight B Champion – Brian DeLuisa-Anderson
Evergreen Flight C Champion – Aspen Hoover
Evergreen Flight D Champion – Georgia Rahla
Evergreen 2 Flight A Champion – Duke Knudsen
Evergreen 2 Flight B Champion – Lucy Mitchell
Evergreen 2 Flight C Champion – Cosmo Castellano
Evergreen 2 Flight D Champion – Tiana Richard
Crosley Flight A Champion – Bud Sicard
Crosley Flight B Champion – Joe Brooks
Crosley Flight C Champion – Anna Gatlin
Crosley Flight D Champion – Aspen Hoover
Crosley 2 Flight A Champion – Matthew Lennox
Crosley 2 Flight B Champion – Spencer Lombardi
Crosley 2 Flight C Champion – Elijah Chin
Crosley 2 Flight D Champion – Ewan Oester
TOC Flight A Champion – Bud Sicard
TOC Flight A Girl Champion – Victorya White
TOC Flight B Champion – Colt Jance
TOC Flight B Champion – Brooklyn Boudreau
TOC Flight C – Elijah Chin
TOC Flight C – Kailee Wilcox
Male Bowler of the Year – Matthew Lennox
Female Bowler of the Year – Juliauna Gosney-Tuiloma
2021 X-Factor Award Recipient – Vance Youngren
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